More garden

The nettles and bindweed have been chopped back, weedkilled again and covered.

The area is covered with a trampoline bouncy thing fabric + weed membrane + wood so the wind fails to remove it.
ETA to take that off? April 2021 maybe

Next in the garden are three steps in this one pic.

On the left I need to fill the gap between the walls with stone / gravel.
In the middle I need to weed, clean and tidy
On the right I need to repaint the garage brickwork (it’s breeze blocks), then clean, strip, sand and paint the back garage door.

The first two items are when I have the motivation. The garage stuff I need both good weather and the motivation. (It’s like planets aligning….)

As to why the garage has a full back door that leads onto a garden? Apparently a previous owner of the house owned a boat. So the garage is bigger than a single, not as wide as a double and longer than most. Weird.
Oh, and it’ll be green. The paint for the door that is.

The front door of the garage also needs repainting. I did it several years ago but it’s flaked. I have 3 choices:
– the same boring white
– sunflower yellow (which Jacqui would have liked)
– or both

Time will tell 🙂

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