Nature at the end of the garden

When we moved into the house there was an old wood frame greenhouse at the end of the garden just beyond a small picket fence. You can see that in this pic:

We never used the greenhouse but in that same area there was a playhouse which the girls used.

Then because of the dogs we had at the time we had a wire fence put around the whole garden. The foxes could still come and go but the dogs could not. Girls grew, playhouse got neglected, greenhouse remained empty and we decided to just let nature do it’s thing.

Because of the trees it’s a very low light area, so not much grows.
I had wondered for a while how big that area was, and what things looked like now. Armed with shears – to cut my way through – I ventured in.

Lots of brambles, ivy coats the floor, nettles and a few other plants on the edges.

The greenhouse

The playhouse

Lots of green looking out the back

The garden is about 11 meters wide, and that area is about 10 meters deep. So that’s a sizeable chunk of ground. Could it be used? Yes if you were happy to chop down trees and spend a heap of money on it. I’m not about to do either. I am content that nature continues to do it’s thing and hopefully it’s a refuge for bugs and tiny animals that are less welcome in neatly manicured gardens.

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