There is only so many times you can clean indoors before getting bored of it while also aware that outside is a mess. So I tidied up.

– the curved area on the left had the waterfeature, but it sat on a mass of soil and a few white stones. There were weeds and it just looked ugly. So I took the top surface off, put the wood border in, laid weed membrane and plonked 20kg of blue slate on top (needs more slate which is on order)

The walls (both sides) had a mixture of plants, weeds and opportunistic Ash trees. Weeded, cut the trees down, weedkilled heavily. Membrane added and so far 60kg of pea gravel in total. Cats love to lie down in what must be a little heat trap on a good day. Plan is to have glazed ceramic flowerpots with perrenials. Those plant pots aren’t cheap though so that’s a very long term goal.

– the curved area on the right used to have a massive bush and more Ash trees. Got a local company to chop that down, grind the stump. It’s been left as open soil since and both dogs dig in there. So I dug out more roots, levelled it, membrane and 20kg of plum slate (again needs more). Undecided what to place there – one large ceramic or maybe 3 of different sizes. Time will tell.

The pig statue sits where a dead fir tree was for years.

So I’ve gone from a messy patio that looked ugly to one that is clean and zero maintenance.

If it’s dry until tomorrow I’ll weedkill the bunch of nettles and bindweed over on the right next to the fence. When that kicks in strim it to the ground, cover it with heavy membrane and if when checking over weeks I see any sign of plant life I’ll repeat the weedkilling.

Apple tree is in fruit and will be pollarded next Spring

The hedge on the left I’ll trim this week.

I can now sit outside with the dogs, maybe burning some wood and not have to look at mess.

And the grass? It does it’s own thing. That’s the dog’s play area and they don’t care if it’s mowed.

2 thoughts on “Gardening

    1. I wish I saw it as relaxing.
      It’s just a space that belongs to me.
      Anything that needs work is a chore, annoying, a task that gives me no more satisfaction than washing dishes.

      I’ve never liked any gardening activity.

      And of course I have no-one to share this space with.

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