The mundane

. Lots of kitchen cupboard sorting out and throwing out
. Fixed the security floodlights at the back of the house
. Painted a wall white before a projector for TV is fitted
. Bikes now back in the garage and anchored with 2 heavy duty locks to the floor and also to each other. Photos taken for insurance purposes if needed
. Heaps of books sorted for a sale at the Library whenever that is allowed to open. Will hopefully be able to sell a huge pile of CDs there too. Not for me, all money goes to the library
. Diablo 3 is going better than it has before. Current Necromancer

. Decided to get electrolysis for my eyebrows. Plucking isn’t persistent. There are some flashy-light things you can buy but would they work…? Might as well go for electrocution. Or is there a better way?

All ears

One thought on “The mundane

  1. Definitely go with the electrolysis – it’s the only truly permanent method hair removal. Laser and IPL (the flashy thing) can dramatically reduce it but can’t target individual hairs like electrolysis can. I think your eyebrows are quite fair, aren’t they? If they’re not dark brown or black, that’s another vote for electrolysis as the other methods get best results on dark hairs. Are you tidying up the shape or planning to remove them completely?

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