Sourdough died

Yesterday it was bubbling, today it is flatter than Eric. Still, I have yeast, flour, water so will try some proper bread at some point.


Played some SNES Mario Kart. Although Jacqui and I played lots of the N64 version we both agreed that the Battle mode on the SNES was way better. Sometimes 3D is not right. The music to the GP took me a long way back in time.

We have a large plastic Cola bottle which we’d drop our change into. Been here for years and with Contactless, it’s now pointless. Spent an age yesterday counting and bagging. £50 in 5p, another £50 in 2p and 1p. Whenever it becomes actually safe to visit the city I’ll take a few bags in each time.

Made a decision yesterday about changes – one main change being primary – that I need to make to me. I hope I can carry it through. Not having any focus on anything in the future and not having someone close to me (emotionally not distance) will make this hard to do. Very hard. If I manage it, great. If not, there will be a next time.

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