Inky time soon

I’ve been hand poking some colours into the middle part of my R little finger. I was it to be a mush of colours, no pattern, representative of nothing. It’s very slow work though and the results aren’t quite as I’d like.
Spent some time last night trying to get the tattoo gun working. I have two, both coil models. But for some reason I couldn’t get the needle working correctly. No voltage would produce a consistent result.
So I just ordered a rotary model from Amazon. Has decent reviews, easier to use. So late next week I’ll be able to doing more colours faster.

No intention to touch the ink that Neil put in me, but I’ve plenty of skin to play around with. Could even do my own Mr Knee 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inky time soon

    1. If MrMe can do it, so can I 🙂

      Single needle poking isn’t that bad pain-wise, it’s just the results are inconsistent. I’ll post a pic sometime.

      And hey, you (and Steve IIRC) got your feet done … noooooooo. Ouchy!

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