Demolition of a bit of history

Tom Thumb Blaby

1984. Jacqui’s mum took over running the Tom Thumb pub in Blaby. She had previously run the Rutland & Derby in Leicester City Centre – the pub where I went in one Saturday about a job, and first met Jacqui. That was early ’83. When Hazel took over the Tom Thumb Jacqui asked her if I could move in to help. This was after Hazel had sacked me from the R&D because she found out that Jacqui and I were going out.
The size of the pub and the work involved meant Hazel had no choice. We always got on well regardless.

So the Tom Thumb was a significant milestone in our relationship. And now it is gone.

Back in 83/84, Leicester pubs in the city were plagued by a group called “The Baby Squad”. Young kids, barely or under drinking age, who would fill a bar and then fight, trash the place. Most lived in Blaby. Many times they would gather in the Tom Thumb early doors Friday / Saturday. They’d get their drinks, play some pool, talk about which place they were going to hit and then they’d leave to head there. We would ring the target pubs/bars to let them know.
And come Sunday lunch time in this estate pub these little cherubs would be dragged along with their parents and sit there nursing a bottle of cola because hey, they were good boys.

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