Two Nightmares

I have a prescribed medication that I take at night because it has sedative effects. It stops me dreaming. I usually forget to take it but last night I remembered about it. I decided not to take it because of the previous dream with Jacqui in.

Years ago I could continue dreams for several nights. If I replay the last scene I remembered the dream would continue, and I really wanted to continue to hear Jacqui.

Went to bed, closed eyes and replayed the last few seconds of the dream, looking at the wardrobe, window partly visible on the right.

Then the first nightmare started. It’s one that has recurred many times. I’m in a huge Mansion, decorated in Georgian/Edwardian style. Tall windows with heavy curtains, high-backed chairs, long tables, dressers, chests. There are many people in the Mansion and they all want to kill me. They want to do that so much they kill each other so they can get to me first. I have to escape from room to room, I am always found no matter where I hide. I knew it was the nightmare, I was saying it’s a nightmare but I couldn’t get out of it. I managed to open a window, was dropping down from the first floor to the garden. And the nightmare stopped. There was no clean end. Maybe I fell into deeper sleep.

The second nightmare started. Again it’s one that happens over and over. This time it’s in a futuristic zoo type of place where there are no actual walls, just forcefields. And they aren’t animals, they are fantastical creatures. I see someone throw what seems like a grenade at something and the forcefields start failing. The beasts then start attacking everyone there. Again I have to run, hide, am discovered, just get away, run, hide, repeat. I knew this was a nightmare too and my mind woke me up. Felt sick, headache, knew I couldn’t just go back sleep.

Got up, logged into Steam and got the badge for the latest event. After that went back bed, told Alexa to play Dark Side of the Moon. I’m usually asleep by the track Time, but I heard every note, every word of the entire album. Told Aleza to play Radio 4 as it was just talk. A very broken sleep, but no more nightmares.

This morning, like yesterday I feel shattered, sick, dull headache.

Tonight I take the medication.

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