The mundane last week


– started watching Spooks from S1 (BBC iPlayer)

– got a new correctly sized cast iron pan/griddle and seasoned that properly

– cleaned the thing outside that I can burn wood in. No clue what it’s called. Cast iron, shaped like an onion bulb with a chimney. Will test fire later

– started stripping the paint from the garage before I power wash, then seal, then repaint. Decided front garage door will be yellow, the back green

– decided how to tackle the block paving weeds

– put some blue ink into my R little finger

– avoided all injury while using a mandolin

– installed the 3rd (and last) security cam to cover the front door

– had a lovely chat with Heather from the Widow/ers group who randomly called

– moved up from 5kg dumbbells to 6.25kg for my daily weights

– preordered Good Food for Bad Days by Jack Monroe and I really hope it’s not geared to “Serves 4 / 6”. Bad days are individual so a recipe for – to be honest – more than one is nearly pointless

pic unrelated

the banality continues

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