This is the state of the top knuckle on my left hand following the cooking incident.
Big finger
I was going to say ‘middle finger’ but as we have 4 fingers and one thumb, you cannot have a ‘middle finger’ unless you demote the thumb to the role of ‘finger’ so it’s Big finger. Not universally true I’m sure, but it does here.

Anyway, the slice was, for that area of a finger, pretty deep.
I have since used the mandoline twice and my fingers remained intact.

I found my cautery pens, so I’m pondering a scar on a finger.

Burnout Paradise Remastered on Origin is fantastic. None of the PS4 crashes, looks better and you know it’s faithful when exiting the west entrance of Wildcats Stadium that invisible ‘whatever’ causes you to cresh. SATYR77 runs a good room if you see them online. (I’m mrkx2x2 there)


This isolation is starting to really get to me. Whatever day it is matters not. Not hearing another real live voice is weird. Not being able to talk to someone / anyone is odd. It has shown me, not that I really needed telling, how superficial some/most relationships are. It has shown me how much I need a real relationship.
A friend will happen, more than that will not.
It is what it is.

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