Not canvas

The image idea for something about Jacqui started with my thinking about a huge image on the double garage door we have. Problem is that (1) it’s a singular item and (2) there are people on this street who would probably complain about “graffiti”. Not that I’d care but I don’t want to annoy.

Then I thought about canvas. Neil’s work is amazing, but again there is only one created and there are three of us here who miss her.

So digital is the way to go.

I msg’d the girls earlier and proposed we create one image with two elements each in that image which are significant to us, or we create three images, one for each of us. As it will be digital it can be replicated. It should be quicker (though speed of creation is not an issue). I can get them printed on aluminium for us at SmugMug.


A few days ago I was going through my weights routine. The TV programme ended, I put a weight down, changed to a random channel, picked the weight back up and restarted the reps. The channel was playing Grease. It was just starting Summer Lovin’. And I just started crying. The film, that track put me back to a time where we had so much to look forward to, so much life, happiness, love. And J has gone


I msg’d the girls about this image idea. They are both now pondering. No rush, no time limit. Even in this “now now now” world some stuff matters.

I’ll never post the end result(s) but I may still have this on the garage door.

J smile

Why not?

It might annoy?

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