Two weeks


It’s been almost two weeks since I left Automattic / retired and I was thinking about what I miss / do not miss.

What do I not miss?
– my alarm. It’s so good to be able to wake up when my body wants to, not at 6am. Even Zelda has adjusted. Given how I sleep now I was in a permanent sleep deficit.
– the endless stream of information I had to read and remember be they p2 posts, slack chats or whatever
– the computer. I’ve switched that on only to post here. I write on Windows, save the file to my Sync folder and then on the Mac use Marsedit to post (see sidebar). Not spending so much time staring at a computer screen is wonderful.
– reading the sort of post I would copy into and say to myself “Not wrong, it’s bullshit”.
– emojis. Seriously. I’ve seen enough emojis to last me forever.

What do I miss?
– Support. Fixing things for people, explaining things to people, making people smile.
– Communication. Not just the general chat that would happen in Support Slack channels but also in the team channel, in DM’s. I think I underestimated how much I would miss that.

What am I doing given Covid?
– Every day I pick at least one thing that needs doing to the house which I have put off. Today it was fix a leaky pipe in the garage so I could use an external tap. Others have been sort the spider plants so they are better placed (it’s the only plant I can ignore and it just keeps growing. I think I have around 20 now from the initial one), fixing the garden water feature that Jacqui loved, reorganising kitchen cupboards. All mundane everyday stuff, but it’s good to have a goal. I have many such goals left.
– Spending more time with the dogs/cats
– Cooking. And I don’t mean “make something hot”. I mean actually preparing food. That plus my new knives has meant liberal use of plasters as I slice chunks out of my fingers. My brain thinks I’m as good I was in the 90’s. My muscle memory has failed. Much blood is shed.
– Lots of dumbbell workouts.

What have I not done?
– Spent time game playing. I did complete Firewatch but I’ve not yet played a game upstairs in the ‘old office’. It still feels like ‘work’ in there. That will pass.

And I’ve just rejoined Mastodon. I had 3 accounts and deleted them all a while ago, but it’ll be good to have a place to rattle out the random junk that would otherwise land here. I’m @markr on

Neil – the guy who does my tattoos – also paints. His studio walls at is adorned with the work he, Katie, Michelle and Jack do. I’m thinking – just pondering – about commissioning him for an artwork on canvas that reflects Jacqui and what she meant to me and the girls. Still very early, might come to nothing, but it might…

Been sat in the garden writing this while Zelda uses the GoDogGo machine. She loves it, I love that she loves it. Recommended.

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