The testing thing

I believe that the UK Govt should have tested widely and repeatedly for Covid-19 for months now. It’s the only way to know the size of the problem. The main part of that though is it has to be done again and again to individuals.

Covid 19

What I absolutely do not get is single individual tests. They are utterly meaningless.

If I go and get a test for an STD (fat chance that’s happen) and they say “Hey, you do not have syphilis” then that result will be good until/unless I engage in behaviour that would transmit syphilis.
But Covid-19? “Hey, you do not have Covid-19”
You exit the room
and you could then inhale it from the next person heading in.

The former requires deliberate behaviour, the latter does not.

So individual tests make zero sense.

Test and test again and again and again. Unless of course you (a) don’t care about the numbers or (b) are too scared about a leak of those numbers

Boris is meant to be back Monday. I bet he didn’t use BUPA the first time because they don’t cover for the same issue twice.

Oh yes, Matt Hancock. Useless fuckwit.

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