I made a pizza

This actually the second made using the G3Ferrari. The first wasn’t quite there as I left too much moisture on the mozzaerella and it more steamed the top. This one though was good, very good.

I used the recipe that Jayne linked me too and just as she said, using after freezing it really benefitted the base. I’ve two more lumps in the freezer from that first make and I’ll definitely be making more. It’s just so quick to prepare the pizza.

As you can see from the stone I’ve been experimenting with different frozen pizzas. I don’t like deep pan so not tried those. Thin pizzas cook just fine, but the stuffed crust ones I’ll still use an oven for.

Next up is perfecting to tomato base. I’m thinking a mix of passata and paste and of course chillies. Lots of chillies.

2 thoughts on “I made a pizza

  1. Yes! That looks bloody amazing!

    Our sauce recipe:

    – sweat down a diced onion in olive oil until translucent
    – add 2-3 cloves roughly chopped garlic for another couple of minutes
    – about half a tablespoon of tomato puree in next, cook it out for minute or so
    – add in a tin of plum tomatoes (I find chopped ones a bit too watery) and break up a bit with your spoon
    – season to taste. I like a good pinch of salt, loads of black pepper, a good pinch of chilli flakes (seem to work better than fresh in the sauce) a dash of Hendo’s, basil and oregano.
    – let it all cook down for about 5 minutes then taste. Sometimes the tomatoes can be a bit acidic and benefit from a pinch of sugar, brown if you have it
    – pulse a bit with a stick blender. I don’t mind it staying a bit chunky.

    Like the dough, the sauce does benefit from a freezing so we tend to make a batch and freeze in small amounts – you’ll only use a couple of tablespoons per pizza. It’s good way of using up any other veg that might be on the turn, too – throw it in and cook it down!

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