Logged in this morning and worked as normal til the end of my first shift at 11am.
Busy but good. Logged out just after 11, wandered the dogs, got a drink and just before noon logged back in for the regular weekly team chat. I fully expected to see my team mates, to say Cheers, raise a glass, share a memory or two and logout.

Got the Zoom details and woah, way more people that my normal team. I can’t remember everyone but there was Donncha, Lori, Retno, Rahul, Alicia, Chrissie, Raul, Mike Adams and others. I am so sorry for not being able to name check you all – did anyone get a screenshot? – and it was so so wonderful to hear about your memories.
I had – and have – no clue about how I am seen. I’m just a regular guy living in a village, and to hear how much I had influenced, how much I had inspired .. wow. Really.

I never set out to anything but do Support well. To answer questions.

To work with others who felt the same way? Fantastic.

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6 thoughts on “Ex-Automattic

  1. I was really looking forward to seeing your reaction when I was given the Zoom link last week – even though I knew it would get a bit emotional. 🙂
    It was nice to hear everyone share their memories of times spent with you. Slack isn’t the same without you around this morning, but one thing sticks with me as I answer users, something you said very well yesterday: I provide knowledge, I teach them to be better at their site. Isn’t this wonderful?

    1. I had no clue about the Zoom thing, none. I honestly did think it would be a 5 minute “Bye, you are all fantastic” so yeah, that was a genuine reaction. I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to mention everyone there.

      And you DO provide knowledge!

      I think many people are afraid of clicking things. I have told people I host, and wordpress.com users, that “You cannot break your site in a way I cannot fix, so click, try, see what happens”. That’s maybe not entirely true with certain things now, but for most it is.

      When my girls were young and the only computer was mine they wanted to use it when I was at work (back when I was a nurse). I went to the System32 folder and tried to delete it. Windows then gave a yellow triangle notice. I showed that to both my girls. I said “If you ever see that, stop. Phone me. Apart from that, do what you want”.

      People see clicks as risky. They should not.

      Take care 🙂

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