Monzo are link spamming

I get regular emails from spammy sites asking me to add links so it’s sort of surprising to see a company that would like to be seen as decent engaging in the same scummy behaviour. And the link was to a post that was made years before Monzo existed.

Guess who’ll never use Monzo.

Hi Mark

Tom here from Monzo, we’re the bank that makes money work for everyone (with our famous Hot Coral cards).

I’m reaching out because I saw an article of yours here[I have removed this]. We’ve recently put together a piece on How to Improve Your Credit Score that’s packed full of info and advice, and I was thinking it would be a great addition to your piece. Would you be interested in linking to it?

We wanted to make sure that it would add real value to your piece and for your audience, so we’ve spent a lot of time making sure it’s right for you.

I’ll let you be the judge though – check it out!
[I have removed this]

What do you reckon?


Tom Rayner
Marketing at Monzo
Making money work for everyone

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