Jack Monroe on TV

I love many cooking shows – the Masterchefs, Great British Menu, the Bake Offs, anything with Gordon Ramsey, Hairy Bikers, anything Keith Floyd and more. I watch / record them all. I particularly love Saturday Kitchen and Best Bites. It’s on the third monitor when I work at the weekend without fail. Matt Tebbutt is a great presenter so it was really cool to just read that not only will we be getting a new cooking show and that Matt is presenting it but that Jack Monroe is co-presenting.

I’ve got all her books, have a fair number of favourite recipes and wish she would create a “Cooking for One’ book. Splitting down recipes for 4 or 6 is harder than it may seem.

I’ll be watching and recording each of this new series – as work will be too distracting – and I hope it goes well enough that it gets recommissioned. I really do think that Jack is the best cook to be on TV right now.

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