Rambly ramble

Given the death tolls/rates in Italy/Spain it shows just how much China has lied

I’m in day two of a daith-modified migraine, so none of the pain but all of the sickness / dizziness

Shaved my head. Bad idea as it’s really damn cold

Love Pizza but need to eat less so I bought a Pizza Oven (G3 Ferrari) so I can make my own but less calorie heavy

Tomorrow I post what a couple of you already know about

Homemade Tomato & Chilli soup (Katy Beskow recipe) is the best ever

Why has a speeding bullet not met D. Trump yet?

In the last post I said Covid had not affected me. Wrong. I’m still getting used to living alone. The pub and the local shop were my only socialisation chances. Like so very many people I am realising just how important they were and they will be in the future.

Current earworm

This is good

This also is good

3 thoughts on “Rambly ramble

  1. I’ve found that this is also good (like Did they help) but a bit more UK-centric. https://www.lewiscotter.com/brands

    Very jealous of the pizza oven, although we had our best ever result at the weekend on an upturned grill pan coated in polenta! Necessary, as our pizza stone shattered a while back. Giorgio Locatelli’s dough recipe never lets us down and is perfect every time. If you make a big batch, portion it out and freeze some, it’s even better after it’s defrosted and basically had a third prove.

    1. I’ve not made pizza since the 90’s so as I now do have the time it’s something I can do. Never had a pizza stone either. It’ll be interesting to see what I can come up with. Chillies will be involved.

      Is this the recipe? I’m not sure if I have the right grade of flour and I know I’ve only got dried yeast so the creation will wait til the next online shop.

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