Meh day

Having a total meh day today. Can’t get going to do anything be that gaming, laundry, (the usual) cleaning, TV. No clue why but it’ll pass.


My left arm sleeve was completed last week and my left calf sleeve will complete this Thursday. Very happy with both. Pics when done. It’ll be strange not going to see Neil every Thursday. No more tattoo plans yet.

Saw Aruna (from the Widow/er/s group) as usual on Wednesday and we had a good natter. The Wetherspoon I go in after that was probably half empty. The local pub last night felt like a Tuesday, not many in.

The news I’ll reveal in 17 days took a large concrete step forward yesterday too. Makes things real. Which is good. No regrets.

Got thanked from the Tesco Home Delivery driver yesterday for not ordering toilet paper and pasta 🙂

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