I bought an iron

Wednesday. It’s my Saturday and on Saturdays I head into the city for matcha latte. Last year I started a Meetup.com group for widow/ers in this city/shire. 41 people joined but only a few turned up to the regular Wednesday meeting.
IMG 0290
It then became really just 4 of us. Given that Meetup.com charge around £28/month just to have a group and between the 4 of us we could use text message I stopped the group. Saw no reason to keep it going.
One lady has been there more than anyone – Aruna – and today, like last week and next week we met up.

Chat ranges around many subjects and it’s always lovely to talk to her. I talked today about my plan for this coming year. No-one else at all knows, so it was good to talk about what I want to do, how, etc etc. It’s good to get suggestions and validation.

I love matcha latte
Photo 2020 01 29 17 59 45

Last week, this was at Orso in Leicester.
Really cool indy coffee/tea/matcha/chai place.
How cool? Every drink comes with a custard cream biscuit.
That’s how cool.
No fancy stuff, just a proper British Biscuit.

Tomorrow is more tattoo time, leg or arm, whichever Neil wants to do. And twice this week I’ve has a comment about my left hand tattoo. Both guys recognised it as Persian which was cool.

MUST remember to do my tax return tomorrow.

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