Koda : text detector

This is koda
Koda 1
I am sitting downstairs, the phone volume is muted and when I get a text my apple watch vibrates. No noise, just the wobble

I login to Paypal, get a 2FA text, watch vibrates, no other noise
I get a BBC alert, vibration, no noise
I get a security cam alert, same
No matter what arrives – and this has been happening for quite some time, it’s just that vibrate

This is koda
Koda 2
but when Jennifer texts?
Before the watch vibrates, koda starts barking
We are both downstairs, koda is out of my line of sight yet she will spring up and start barking – and then my watch vibrates.

Just now I had 3 texts, 2 from Jennifer, 1 from another source. Koda barked only at the two from Jennifer.

Koda cannot be ‘reading’ my reaction because (1) she can’t see me and (2) this happens before I get a notif about the first text.

Odd. Sort of cute, definitely noisy, but odd.

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