Had a GP telephone appt today which I had made Tuesday, well before the event. Went through the reasons for the appt and I then mentioned the VT.
“VT?” he said, the letter he has says it is Atrial Fibrillation

Okay, at least we are still in the same organ

The cause is not being explored. After a one-off event I understand that. As someone used to reports from people that “Your software has a bug” I understand that even more – but I am confident this was not written off as PEBKAC

The potential for damage will be addressed with a medication

Modifiable factors? These include weight, blood pressure, exercise. Apparently weighing 75kg, doing a 3k run each morning and eating like Paris Hilton is not enough – I need to do more. So yeah, I need to do more there

The really weird thing about all this is the element of control
As someone with a semi-colon tattoo and another related – both on my hands – it is odd to feel that control of life can be taken out of my power. That’s a daft thought in many ways because we are never actually in control. Rabbit hole time in thoughts is this

Maybe it is a “I am mortal” thing

I can remember vividly looking at my youngest daughter, lying on the hospital bed 4 days after she was born. I was 26 and it dawned on me that I had (helped) to create her and that in the normal course of events I would die and leave her in this world.
I bought life insurance (long since cancelled because insurance is simply legalised theft).

Anyway, I need to do something. The “What” is yet to be decided

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