Session 4 – Ink Ink Music and a VT

More time under the needle with the left arm being the focus.
3 Images: the pen, the outline, and where I called stop because it got really ouchy.

Tattooing close to the armpit is ouchy
Tattooing the same area with the 4th colour is very ouchy.

We had 45 mins left so Neil redid the semi-colon on my right finger. That’s the third time so hoping it sticks.

I introduced Inkling to the utterly fantastic Girl Talk – All day, The White Panda – Bambooyah and Bearly Legal, Milkman – Circle of Fifths with a guest appearance of Infected Mushroom – Bust A Move.
Very well received.

Tuesday. Hospital appt which went slightly better than I thought. I was also told all my blood values were okay.
10pm, started to feel odd. Could not catch my breath
Soon after, chest ached, could feel exactly where my heart was
Rang 111, they said go hospital
11pm got there, seen in two minutes, hooked up to ECG machine, bloods taken, whisked through to the Major area
Couldn’t see time.The ECG machine was sounding it’s alarm beep and each time someone scooted into the bay. More bloods. Doc came in and said I had Ventricular Tachycardia.


Yeah, that’s not good

Told at some point I was going to be transferred to a cardiac center. Was tired and dozing and feeling weird. I was given some oral medication – I have no idea what, I wasn’t about to ask questions. I fell asleep. Woken just before 2am to tell me all was okay and I could go home.
Got back, sat with the dogs for a while, went bed
And the week continues normally.

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