New Ink decided

Tomorrow I’m booked in all day with Neil at Inkling. Going to complete my left arm and turn what is currently about 40% coverage into a full sleeve with no negative space.
The following Thursday – and maybe a couple after that – will be a complete sleeve on my left calf (is it still called a sleeve if it’s on the leg?). Design will be 100% anatomical with the images coming from the lithographs in this Atlas of Human Anatomy. So muscles, tendons, veins and varying depths across the back of the calf. No bone though – that’s covered on my right leg.
Rightleg. I dislike black ink but I’ll have to concede some use of grey for delineation.
And I’ll get the orange semi-colon on my right hand changed to green (hopefully).

Yes, I have forgotten how much my right leg hurt and I’m not sure how my shin will react to a needle, but hey, needs to be done.

I’d really like the back half on my neck done. Again anatomical – on the left starting with muscle moving through to grey vertebrae on the right. But I have this thing that I want to be able to see my tattoos. I know I could have some amazing anatomical work – or other art – on the biggest canvas I have but if I can’t see it? Maybe if I run out of space on the front. And neck? So visible? I’m old, I’m in my last job so what the hell – it’s only skin.

2 thoughts on “New Ink decided

    1. Got around 3 hours done yesterday – I’d missed in Neil’s message that he had to stop at 2:30. So I’ve got 3.5 hours next Wednesday and some hours the next day.
      What’s been done is covered in shiny saniderm so would make a crap photo, but lots of green and reds have gone in and it now starts just onto the hand.

      Many weeks ahead to complete the arm and start the leg but it’ll be done 🙂

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