Dumb Boris Voters

Sniper neededBoris Johnson thanks North for trusting Tories
and while you dumb Tory-voting knuckle-draggers go YAY about Brexit Boris Johnson will also continue to dismantle and privatise the NHS and he will continue the scourge that is Universal Credit so increasing poverty and homelessness, he will tax the less well-off while letting the rich do what they want.

The UK has been under the Tory power for nine – NINE – years and you think it’s going to get better?

If you think that …. you poor dumb idiot.

I don’t care if you voted tactically – YOU have given the most right-wing government in this country a blank page and said “Hey, do what you want!”

Boris the marriage cheat and his smarmy crew don’t give a flying fuck about real people.

But your Tory vote just gave him license to destroy so much.

Just don’t fucking complain.

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