“Can I get”

I heard this several times in Orlando recently and it irritated the fuck out of me there.

On the plane back I was in the aisle seat and this american woman – who redefined “scarfing” by the way she inhaled a huge sandwich – said to one of the crew “Can I get a water”. Given her previous interrogations I would not have been surprised if she had said “Can I get a vegan water”

“Can I get”

In the hotel bar people would say “Can I get a JD and coke” or “Can I get a beer” or other such stuff.

It was never ever a question despite the phrasing. The intonation was all wrong.

It was a demand.

And I heard this damned phrase in the pub earlier.

The answer will always No. NO


Because the demander cannot actually “get” what they want.
The passenger next to me could not get up, move around me and get their water.
The people at bars cannot “get” what they want.

So stop using such demanding demeaning language.


“May I have a water please?”

“Pint of Stella please”

“G&T please”

You are not now demanding, you are asking. That is not just correct because you cannot get it yourself, but it is correct because the staff can refuse you. And it is correct because it’s called being polite.

And if you are reading this and thinking “I could care less about what you say” then please…. get educated.

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