Next tattoo decided

Was talking to Polly – my youngest – and we’ve decided that she is going to design my next tattoo.
It’s going to be a significant break from my existing tattoos. With the exception of the one on the back of my left hand the others all have human biology as the theme. Polly though wants me to have a butterfly.

She has the outside of my left calf as her canvas (yes, I have already forgotten just how much that area hurts) and it will include some bio elements. But at a glance it will be a butterfly. Mainly purple, with some green and the bio. Up to her.

In other news I had to drop the double nostril piercings back to their original size as they are being stubborn about healing. To make up for that though I actually got my lobes up to 28mm. Good stuff.


Pics soon of just how many bucky balls I can hang from my finger.

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