Biohack – I have 8kb more memory

Just got back from a few hours with Jenova Rain. Had two new implants one of which does have 8kb memory.

Here is the complete list:

Left hand:
– Magnet in my ring finger. [Details]
– NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant [Details & specs]

– White LED. This lights up when an NFC detector reads it.

Right hand:
– Vivokey Spark [Details & specs] [More on Vivokey]

– xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC [Details & specs]

What’s next?
– Start playing with these properly as time hasn’t been on my side recently to do so.
– Go to an Apple store and test the new iPhone’s NFC detection. If it makes my hands work I’ll buy one.
– Get another LED in the middle of the steel implant in my right hand.
– Get a payment chip in my left hand as soon as they are released.

No other photos of today’s implants. There were a couple of guys from the BBC there taking stills/video so I’ll copy those when they are published.

Jenova has done all the above and I absolutely recommend her.

And in case you ask Why do this?

Why not?

2 thoughts on “Biohack – I have 8kb more memory

    1. LED / Magnet – party tricks

      Left NFC – used it when I went to/from the USA. Info I did not want them to see I downloaded, encrypted and uploaded to a secret url. I then wrote to the tag a long string which was both the url and key. No way could they have got my info.

      Vivokey – still watching github

      xDF2 – am going to play with what I can hide/access on the machine

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