And back

They were actually decent people when letting me out. They said my hands were cool as they set off the detector with the steel in them. Very surprised. Landed late and apart from the americal woman sat next to me who ate a huge sandwich in two bites the whole back thing was okay.
Nearly lost the macbook (in a bar), camera (in a cafe), luggage (in a shop) but all were safe when I got back to them.

Very difficult week though for reasons I’m not going into here. It made me realise how broken I am but I also have no real clue how to fix me. There is no single fix and while I can see one thing that would / might be helpful and I have one more I think might help, but each forms only a sliver of a solution.

Walking back into the house where literally nothing had moved felt very very strange. Had things moved it would havde been weirder as no-one should have been here, but yeah, very odd.

Get my xDF2 chip on Sunday.

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