Pain-free migraines

Some time last year I got a daith piercing. (This is not my ear, it’s just so you can see the placement)
Not my ear

Two reasons for getting it:

1 – because why not

2 – this piercing is anecdotally linked to a reduction in migraines.

I was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines some years ago. As with most continuous pain you get used to a certain level but it was tedious. Got the daith and the pain went away. It really did stop.

I had an odd sensation at the point in my head where the migraines always started but it did not hurt. Cost of the piercing was a good investment.

Recently though they are back, but they do not hurt. I get all the other problems, just no pain. So I feel sick, my vision is affected, I feel foggy in my head, sort of dizzy, can’t eat, just want to lie down and stay still because I feel better doing so. These all persist for as long as a migraine would – that’s all day. They usually arrive in the night and disappear the next night (unless food kicks one off). The not hurting is really odd though.

My diet has not changed to cause this. My liquid and caffeine intake has not varied that much. Nothing I can think of has changed, yet effectively the migraines are back. If I cannot identify why they are back and deal with that then I have to assume that my all too brief pain and sensation break from migraines is over.

I have tried a triptan (no success), tried seabands (nausea goes but nothing else), tried meditation (no success).

Odd and unwelcome.

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