Cleaning the db

For reasons that don’t matter I had cause to look through the database for this site last night. I was quite surprised to see a couple of tables and a fair number of options still existing for plugins and themes I’ve used in the past.

This database has been in existence since January 2004. The site has ~4600 posts, ~11,000 comments and weighs in at a shade over 25mb.

I am perfectly aware that leaving these tables and options is completely okay. They are harmless. They are no burden, the space they take up is tiny and removing them will not speed anything up or reduce any server load. I do like ‘tidy’ though (online anyway. Offline is a different story) so I’ve decided to nuke them.

One option would be an xml export / import into a new db. I might do this. The benefit would be to centralise all the media uploads. For some reason I opted to move media uploads out of /wp-content at one point, and then I moved them back. It looks like I did this twice. So uploads are scattered. This might be the best way to both get everything back and also get just the tables I need. But it wouldn’t be as interesting as dropping tables and seeing if the site still works, would it?


I have only a few plugins in use:
– Akismet
– Duo 2-factor
– Gutenberg
– PHP Code widget
– Viper’s Video Quicktags Migrator
– WordPress Beta Tester

That’s it, so extra options should be minimal.

I certainly don’t recall a theme called ‘ghostwriter’.

It’s a shame that plugins do not delete all their settings when deactivated. But while I think that’s a better way of doing things experience suggests that many people like the fact that settings stay as they are.

And once I’ve done this I’ll see how to remove that annoying ‘1’ bubble next to Settings which is related to Privacy.

And image alignment in this post was super easy using Gutenberg.

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