Twentynineteen – infuriating

I just updated the site to WordPress 5.0 beta and installed the Twentynineteen theme. It’s been a while since I changed the theme here and it’s meant to work well with Gutenberg so why not.

I activated it, took a look at my site, swore a lot and went back to Penscratch. This version of Penscratch has been edited which is why I can’t be arsed to update it. Twentynineteen needs the same edit and as it’s not yet finalised I can’t be arsed to look through the code.

The problem?

This site has one user. Me. So why the FUCK is my name plastered against every fucking post? This has annoyed the crap out of me for years.
Could theme creators write code to stop this on single user sites? Yes, yes they could. But do they? Do they hell.

Could I hide it with CSS? Yes, but why should I have to take action for what a theme author should be offering by default?
Could I edit the final theme and remove it? Yes and I will, and I’ll post here to tell others how to do what a theme author should have done.
Could I post this as an issue to Github? Yes, but I can’t be arsed. This is not the first time I’ve been pissed off by this, I’ve expressed my views to theme creators before and I just cannot be bothered to do it again.

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