GDPR Violation

I’m a UK citizen, I live in the UK and the servers this site lives on are UK based. So the GDPR absolutely applies and hey, I have no clue who see’s this site. I NEVER look at stats or that stuff.

I couldn’t give a shit.

Apparently I have to though.

Yeah yeah yeah the EU will go after the big guys but illegal is still illegal, yes?

The fucking problem is that no-one is telling personal fucking bloggers what they can or should fucking do.

“Talk to a lawyer”. FFS.

I could delete everything and have a 404 page but if you visit that I still get data. Is that data governed by the GDPR? I have no fucking clue.

My Cpanel has some stats thing. At least I assume it does (never looked) – I couldn’t give a monkey’s about stats (I posted years ago that I’d rather have one visitor and one comment than a thousand visitors and no comments) – and I have zero control over what it collects. Does it violate GDPR? No fucking clue. Am I going to pay to find out? GTFO.

As I see it the only 100% safe option is to point my name servers somewhere else. Then no traffic hits me so no worries.

“Hey fuckwit, you are over-reacting!!!”
Then you tell me how my site is GDPR compliant. And indemnify me.
Still cool?
Thought not….

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5 thoughts on “GDPR Violation

  1. Unless you are actually making a large profit off of your site, bloggers should not be forced to follow legal standards to post on their personal site. I could see content that is shared on different platforms, on a paid basis, being moderated by the GDPR. Especially content that reaches e-readers gadgets, that data could need to be moderated. Hopefully you can find your answers for free as time goes on.

  2. You’ve got me worried! GDPR is related to how you store and process other people’s personal data. I didn’t think it would apply to a personal blog at all – am I wrong?

    Perhaps you have some of that personal data in the form of comments, but as the person has freely left the comment on the site then it’s fine for you to store and process that data for that purpose. It would not be ok to sell this data to Cambridge Analytica, and you’d probably need an opt in checkbox on the comment form if you intended to email them all something in the future.

    I’d be really interested to know how you might be in breach of the new rules. I agree, by the way, the implementation of GDPR and lack of examples has made the implementation of it a total shit show. Ok, there’s been a 2 year period to become compliant, but it’s only in recent weeks that the ICO has published anything like usable guidance on it.

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