Knocking the dust off

Couple of plugin and widget changes, installed Jetpack and connected twitter/facebook, made sure I’m still on the latest WP nightly updates and I’m writing this from the WordPress desktop app (of course). I still like this theme though (which must be a record)(though I just noticed that the theme is displaying my name as post author despite me being the only user that can post. Pet hate of mine is that… when when when will theme creators make that an option or code it properly??)(if I can’t find what file to edit then this theme will be junked). (See, back and ranting already…)

Found it – if you use Penscratch and you too don’t like your name being shown because hey it’s just you posting you need to edit the file wp-content/themes/penscratch-wpcom/inc/template-tags.php
On line 92, at the end remove %2$s
That leaves a hanging ~ but that’s tolerable.



While you are here, go drop a guestblock 🙂 The code for this is now on Github and I have some plans to improve what is there.

Next up is finding how to 301 this site to a new url. Never done that before but it seems the right thing to do this time.

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