iTunes still broken

Attach iphone to Mac, open iTunes, sync – and still it does not update apps on the iphone. So it is still very much broken and requires that you double download to the device and to iTunes to keep everything up to date. Inane.

I have far less computer issues on my Windows machines than I do this macbook.

Maybe I should buy a Windows phone.

One thought on “iTunes still broken

  1. iTunes is utter shite. Made a mess of my iPad a few months ago, it decided to sync every app I ever bought to the damn ipad half an hour before I was going away for a weekend. Had to leave it behind, it just died. Now I can’t turn app sync back on because it does the same bloody thing every time. I’m probably not going to buy another iPhine either. Not sure what to go with, have until Sepember to decide.

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