A barrier to blogging

I was toying with the idea of exporting this blog to become a Jekyll install but then I got to wondering just why I would do this:
+ it’s a new toy to play with
– you can’t upload images without opening another app / using an Automator script
– markdown. I have never understood the ‘why’ of markdown
– no way to password protect any posts
– from a previous experiment with it I found it slow
so I decided not to.
That got me to wondering why I don’t blog as much as I used to.

I do not now have a FB account and will not return again. (so if work decided to use the FB chat app I’d be out of luck. I’d far rather use encrypted chat and I’d never trust anything Zuckerberg touched). I do not use twitter at all now even just to read though my three accounts are still there. So why don’t I blog?
I pondered a few reasons but the one that stood out was the obstacle of getting to the blog post screen. I use Duo Security 2 factor auth to protect the blog login and because of my habit of clearing all Firefox data on quit I have to use this every time to login. It’s a great plugin, never given me any concern and I recommend it but that delay is the obstacle. Go to URL, login, click, wait, auth, get to Post screen. I do not want any delay for any reason. Once I realised that I also realised I own the solution: Marsedit.

So that’s why the uptick over the last few days. It’s not because I’m not at work, it’s because Marsedit is open in the Dock. There is no obstacle to saying what I want when I want. I never have done the draft thing with posts where I write, edit and refine posts and I never will.

This also applies to the blog at edwardsnowden.rocks as I can now post news articles more frequently there. It does not apply to omgwtflolbbq as everything there is sent in by email already.

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