To continue or not?

My writing here in the last couple of years has dropped off a lot. So I’m wondering whether to continue to leave this blog up, or whether to just remove it.

I stopped using twitter because it’s just a distraction, provides nothing useful.
I stopped using facebook because it’s facebook.
I stopped writing here as much because I write on another blog.
I also stopped writing here because I will now share links through internal company blogs, or in Slack, or in the irc channels I inhabit.
I also stopped writing here because I don’t have the time, motivation to write long personal posts any more.
And I post a picture a day – or try to – at another blog and the image probably gives more insight into how I am than any writing I could do.
So what is this blog to be then?

I have an account on ello but do not use it.
I have an account on tsu but do not use it.
I can’t see a situation when I would use either. I just created them because I could.

Do I want to write? If I do then what I want to write about is not going to be something that I would be happy to post here. I have posted personal stuff before, but now? No, makes me uncomfortable.

The blog could just stay though, couldn’t it? Yes, but why keep something around that might not be updated? In less than 3 weeks it will be 11 years since this blog started. That’s a long time.

Not sure what to do. Pondering.

3 thoughts on “To continue or not?

  1. I’d say leave it as is.
    a) lack of updates doesn’t diminish the value of the existing content and timeline
    b) it’ll be there, where people you’ve entertained/enlightened over the last 11 years, if/when you do have a craving to write
    c) I just can’t think of a reason why deleting it would be of more value than just leaving it alone.


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