A sad Storm

There’s a field close by where I have taken the dogs – first Winston, then Storm as well – for walks for years. It’s a long field with a treeline, then more field extending right and a wide stream across which are more large fields. Sometimes there are horses in there and as one is quite aggressive if the horses are this side of the stream we don’t go in, or if we get to the treeline and see the horses then we leave.
A combination of events that since Winston died we had not been down and to the right past the treeline. It’s where both dogs could get down the bank and then paddle around in the water. Storm would try to grab little pebbles that I would throw in close to him.

Storm and Winston

Couple of days ago the weather was good, there were no horses so we went back there. I wandered toward the end of the field knowing that Storm would be following. I turned round at the end and looked back for him. There are two places where the dogs would head into the water and Storm was sat at the first one just looking across the stream. When I got to him there was nothing he was focusing on. He was just sat (which he never does when out – it’s either walk / run / jump / lie down) quietly looking. It felt like he was remembering Winston. We sat together for a few minutes before he decided it was time to go. He didn’t go in the water.

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