Apple problem? No, must be me.

My iTunes library recently passed 250gb and since then every.single.time I have started iTunes it grabs several hundred files and does some Gapless garbage on them. I have searched. I have deleted files. I have re-added one-by-one but it does it every.single.time. Expecting nothing I looked in the Apple “Support” forums and it’s my fault. Yep. Can’t be the Apple code. Oh no. It must be me. Well fuck that.

All music removed from iTunes, now using Clementine.

All movies removed from iTunes, now using Usher.

Apple could do themselves a big favour by lining up there ass-licking fanbois, shooting them and then admitting that maybe, just maybe, their software had bugs.

Hey Mark, you seem a little angry these days, wassup? If I thought it would help to say then I would. It won’t.

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