Multiple Sclerosis care in Leicestershire

Multiple Sclerosis care in Leicestershire is atrocious.
The MS Nurses have done nothing to help in almost 14 years.

Have they ever done assessments to check the progress of the disease? No.
Have they ever offered any practical support to J? No.
Have they ever indicated places where I could get support? No.
Have they ever asked about side-effects or efficacy of the many meds J takes? No.
Have they acted as a coordinator for any care at all? No.
Have they ever contacted us even by phone to see how things are? No.

And now when J is about to lose the ability to walk at all we have no idea how to cope because the MS Nurses have done and said absolutely nothing. Zero.

I spent 1985-2002 as a nurse in the NHS. My wife spent about the same. We know what nursing is, we know what a nurse should do and we know the standards of care that should be delivered.

It is shameful.

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