Hand braces

For a long time now I’ve been using this brace on my right hand overnight when I get pain.
have this one
Typically that is Thursday/Friday nights but it has increased recently which isn’t so good. And although my wrist is not that bad it’s my hand and fingers which hurt / burn. As good as this one is for the hand it isn’t helping my fingers any more as they can still curl inwards. So I went looking for something new.



This one looked good but I could find no other details on it and no images of the underside so I could see what finger support there actually was. Still, they had a Contact link on their site so I used it. This morning I got a reply simply asking where I was located. eh? All I want is a picture and it can’t matter where I am for that can it? So that one I ruled out.




This is the one I have opted for.
There are better but they are 3-4x the price and while I’m not against spending money for my health paying over £100 without some more input from a physio seems a bit wasteful.

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