Emily Benn

Emily Benn: What I can offer British politics
Oh look, grabbing onto coattails…

>> People might ask how I can know anything about ‘the real world’
You don’t. You are only 24.

>> I get up and go to work every day (in the private sector).

>> And right now I am using the very same NHS hospitals as you would, while I accompany my mother to appointments in her cancer battle.
That’ll be the very well funded cancer treatments then. Try getting treatment for a not so trendy disease.

>> (has anyone tried to call Vodafone customer services lately? It literally drives me to tears).
Oh FFS. That proves you have no idea about the NHS.

>> I work in the City for an investment bank
Which also proves you have no clue at all about actual life.

>> Emily Benn is contesting Croydon South for Labour in May 2015.
I am a member of the Labour Party. This girl – girl – does not deserve to win.