One reason I hate themes

I could apply this to any number of themes but as this one just annoyed me it is the target.

Cyberchimps have their Responsive 2.0 Beta for download. I did and I looked in footer.php

 * Footer Template
 * The template for displaying the footer
 * @package      ${PACKAGE}
 * @license      license.txt
 * @copyright    ${YEAR} ${COMPANY}
 * @since        ${VERSION}
 * Please do not edit this file. This file is part of the ${PACKAGE} Framework and all modifications
 * should be made in a child theme.

// If this file is called directly, abort.
if ( ! defined( 'WPINC' ) ) {

< ?php responsive_wrapper_bottom(); // after wrapper content hook ?>

< ?php responsive_wrapper_end(); // after wrapper hook ?>

< ?php responsive_container_bottom();?>

< ?php responsive_footer_after(); ?>

< ?php responsive_body_bottom(); ?>
< ?php wp_footer(); ?>

It says very clearly that I should not edit that theme and that I should create a Child Theme. It even provides me with a link to So although I can it is saying do not remove our credit line unless you write a child theme.
Problem here – and with so many other themes is that do so you can’t just create some CSS to remove the credit, you have to write some PHP.

I cast my mind back to 2004/5/6 and the WordPress forums.
Q: Do I need to know PHP to use WP?
Me: No.
If I were asked the same question today the answer would be “Probably”.

To remove that credit I have to create a child theme that has a functions.php file.
I have to write something that starts < ?php
Yes the theme is GPL, yes it can be changed but making such changes so damn hard for the casual user is wrong.

I get that themes can do many things and they should, but hiding such a basic change that many would want to make by putting it into code people can't understand isn't - to me - very fair.

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