Space solved

First time using Dropbox on iOS. Took some photos of the dogs while out – about 20 – and the app just wouldn’t upload them all. No reason why, it just sat there as if crashed. Restarted it, changed it’s permissions and the changed them back but it gave me no clues as to what was going on. It just sat there saying ‘2 left’ for over 2 hours. Screw that. If they haven’t got this right then why rely on them. App uninstalled. App removed from computer. All data on Dropbox deleted then permanently deleted. What was there will now live in Spideroak. Skydrive can have the photos.

Younited. They already have a forum wannabe Expert who insists that his answer is my answer and it isn’t. I removed his decision to set his reply as MY solution and he went and replaced it. If I had just launched a product I’d have my staff in the forum and answering everything. But then F-Secure seem to not care so if they don’t, I don’t. App removed from phone, app removed from computer. I can share from Skydrive if I wish. Or Spideroak.

And hey, it’s Friday. Why doesn’t iOS have a ‘weekend’ setting? Or is it expected that every Friday and Monday you jump happily into Notification Center and disable/enable noises and badges?

So far I am failing to fall under this OMG ITS AN IPHONE spell.

Yes, I’m irritable. Tech should ‘just work’ by now on this thing and it quite obviously does not.

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