On a bike

According to Garmin Connect in the past month I’ve spent 24h37m sitting on the saddle while moving at 21.5km/h and I have travelled 528km. That’s not bad considering that a month ago it was have been a zero for all those. By the end of Sunday I’ll pass 600km. Longest ride so far is 51km and I’ll beat that either tomorrow or Saturday. It’s good fun out on the bike. Lots of space to think, no distractions. Recommended.

2 thoughts on “On a bike

  1. That’s a lot for a month! I’m still adapting to my new bike (in several ways, ouch). Pulling non-existent brake levers, clinging on for dear life, being wibbly-wobbly… need to get out and do a BIG route to get some practice in, then maybe hook up with a friendly club. Not too many around here though. There’s an all-male club which looks a bit elite (no thanks), the CTC club which could be ok but could be a bit too “sandals and beards”, and then there’s a good club but it’s 20 miles away and I’d have to drive to join their rides. 🙁

    1. It doesn’t feel like a lot 🙂 The club I’ve joined seem to be an excellent bunch so in that respect I’m pretty lucky. Can’t say I think their club colours of yellow/green will suit me though. Driving to rides wouldn’t be so bad would it?

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