I took the domain romanticrobot.net offline some time ago. I forget the date exactly but I archived all the files and then changed the DNS to ns1.site-removed-by-me.com ns2.site-removed-by-me.com and thought nothing else of it.

Couple of days ago I happened across http://archive.is and today thought I’d have a look. As I thought I’d written a couple of good posts back when I blogged on T2 I searched for the url – and I find some spammy bastard has somehow hijacked it.  http://archive.is/romanticrobot.net WTF? So I hopped to Namecheap and changed the DNS to point directly at Namecheap and as there is nothing there an error/generic holding page will result.

But then I whois’d the domain that is linked in that archive.is link – and it is not registered. I whois’d site-removed-by-me.com – and it too is not registered. So I don’t know what is going on. But at least my domain name is safe.


The domain binary-investieren.com is as spammy as hell – go check at archive.is and the snapshots. So I whois that – and oh look – it’s registered to the biggest and spammiest webhost of them all – Go Daddy. http://who.godaddy.com/whois.aspx?domain=binary-investieren.com&prog_id=GoDaddy


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