First Fox 2013

firstfox2013There are I think 4 foxes visit but this guy is the boldest. Always comes up to get first dibs on the food. No idea what has happened to his ears. This was the first time he had seen or heard the camera – I wasn’t intending on taking pics, just wanted it to be there as I threw the chicken so the positioning is off. Will get better pics as the summer progresses.

2 thoughts on “First Fox 2013

    1. Not if they had my garden and a wife that insists the little orange guys are fed every night 🙂 And they get food bought for them – any leftovers are added extras.

      I do wonder though other ways of taking pics. I put the chicken down, plonk the camera a few feet away and then either sit nearby or go inside. I use a remote to take the pic. I’m sure with a zoom or some other setup I could catch different maybe more interesting views rather than the straight-on shot. Goal right now is to get one of this guy where the focus point is his face and not the grass/chicken. We want a better look at his ears.

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