Oh look, geeks discover depression. I’m waiting for the app to solve it to be written, funded, and published by tonight. Nah, course not, they’ll have forgotten by then.

“A few years back when I quit smoking I spent two weeks with withdrawal symptoms the biggest one been[sic] depression.”
….. I’d say “Words fail me” but in this case they don’t. These fit perfectly – go fuck yourself.

In case you think that’s a little harsh – if I popped into Hacker News and said “I know what it’s like to code, I can write phpinfo()” I’d be laughed at. But that what this guy is doing – he missed his cigarettes and now says he knows what depression is like. Depression isn’t just a word. It’s a serious condition and his equating it to 14 days of his pathetic chemical withdrawal is doing everyone with depression a serious disservice. He just wanted some Hacker News Karma and sadly he’s probably getting just that which will reinforce his massively mistaken belief that he’s had depression and that he knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t. He is clueless. Damagingly so. As I said – but this time with a name – elorant, go fuck yourself.

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