RSS. Out: Fever In: Newsblur

I did use Google Reader. But that went soon after I decided to get away from their clutches. After some experimenting with various readers I started using fever.
I never really liked it’s use of screen space which was very poor but it was all I could find. I tolerated it. Then recently I realised it wasn’t being updated. It seems like it has scratched the dev’s initial itch and he is happy with where it is. That’s fine, I’ve had my $30 use out of it but I needed more from a reader. So I looked around again.

Newsblur. Loaded my feeds into that and the same day bought the Premium service. It is excellent. It integrates with Instapaper, it has sharing, choice of story view, good shortcuts, great use of screen space and more. Using Newsblur even for just a week has made reading much more pleasant. And of course as Fever is not now running on the server that keeps my host happier.

Definite recommendation from me for Newsblur

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