No Elite kickstarter

I’d been looking for more turn-based games and Predestination on Kickstarter was linked from somewhere. Looked good so I backed it. Progress went on, it all looked very good and to help close the goal I increased my backing to $40 in the last 2 days. It’s been successful and it’s all looking very good.

I’d vaguely played Elite some time in my youth and there it is on Kickstarter – Elite: Dangerous. At about the same time as Predestination I backed this for £25 (note that this is in real money and the other was in US$). I was fairly okay with the project but for £25 it was a punt I’d take. But then Braben changed his backing levels – and in the email that went out if you backed £90 (it is now £80) you got all future DLC included.

So backing for £80 gets you the game and more for less than others will pay. I’d be backing for £25 and yet still have to pay full price for this DLC and that means the base cost of the game and this projected DLC would be more expensive than any other game I can think of. If the DLC will be so much – and I’d not know final figures – then how crippled will the base launch game be? Would I be paying for something so basic that it was not really a game without the rest? No idea. So I cancelled my backing.

I’ll pay full price for games on console and I’ll pay full price for niche titles on PC (Commander at War, Panzer Corps are the most recent) but I’m not prepared to pay full price only for unknown prices on DLC on what is still an unplayed and unreviewed game. Elite has 11 days and some £330,000 still to go. If he doesn’t make it I wonder what he’ll blame it on – and if he does…… I’ll watch the reviews and see if I need to kick myself.

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